The World Chlorine Council (WCC) Safety Work Conference was held online

    From November 9th to 10th, the World Chlorine Council (WCC) Safety Work Conference was held online. Representatives from Eurochlor, North American Chlorine Institute, South American Chlor-Alkali Association, Russian Chlor-Alkali Association and some chlor-alkali producers attended the meeting. Zhang Peichao, vice president and secretary general of CCAIA, and Wang Lili, deputy director of the International Cooperation Working Committee, attended the meeting. On the 9th, Mr. Ton Manders of Eurochlor mainly introduced the WCC vision and the main rules of WCC process safety management; Ms. Monica of Formosa Plastics Corporation of the United States introduced the safe disposal of hydrogen in the chlor-alkali production process; Ms. Robyn of the North American Chlorine Institute introduced the accident precautions related to prevention. On the 10th, Mr. Vijay of India DCM Company focused on the situation related to the storage and transportation safety of liquid chlorine; Mr. Martim of the South American Chlor-Alkali Association analyzed the cause of the accident with the case of an explosion accident during the maintenance of sodium hypochlorite storage tank in a water station. It is suggested that all enterprises should establish safety training awareness in the production process; Mr. Aqeel from Engro Company in Pakistan introduced the losses caused by the leakage of liquid chlorine in the factory, and analyzed the reasons for the leakage. At the meeting, the association communicated with Eurochlor on safety training issues, hoping to promote the intrinsic safety of the chlor-alkali industry through safety training and participation in safety conferences.