The 26th China Chlor-alkali Forum was held in Nanjing

 From April 10th to 12th, the 26th China Chlor-alkali Forum was held in Nanjing, with 415 representatives from chlor-alkali and its upstream and downstream industries attending the meeting. The forum had a total of 22 keynote speeches. Zhang Wenlei, President of CCAIA, analyzed the status quo of the chlor-alkali industry and introduced the focus of promoting high-quality development of the industry in his speech at the conference. While an economist from the Development Research Center of the State Council gave a special report on the analysis and outlook of China's macroeconomic situation, CCAIA gave a thematic report on the analysis and prospect of the economic operation of the chlor-alkali industry; China Calcium Carbide Industry Association, China Salt Industry Association and Dalian Commodity Exchange respectively introduced the current situation and prospect of upstream calcium carbide and salt industry, the operation of PVC futures and the next step of work. The meeting presented special reports on the market analysis of caustic soda, polyvinyl chloride, and alumina, as well as the status quo and prospects of major chlorine consuming products in the industry, as well as special reports on the operation of PVC futures and the listing of caustic soda futures. It also included special introductions on new technologies, equipment, and products in the chlor-alkali industry.