2023 chlor alkali industry economic operation network press conference held

 On January 25th, the 2023 Chlor-Alkali Industry Economic Operation Network Launch Conference organized by CCAIA was held. Zhang Peichao, the Vice President and Secretary General of the Association, analyzed the economic operation of the industry online and interacted with the participants on their concerned topics. The conference released the main economic operation data of the industry in 2023, and expounded the current operation characteristics of the industry: 1. The production capacity and output increased slightly, and the operating rate was relatively stable. 2. The consumption of caustic soda increased year on year, and the consumption of PVC remained stable. 3. The export of caustic soda decreased, while the export of PVC increased.  4. The caustic soda market fluctuated, and the PVC market operated at a low level. The conference analyzed the prominent issues the industry facing: 1. The imbalance between alkali and chloride remains serious. 2. Electricity prices rise, and the production cost of chlor-alkali is at a high level. 3. The consumption of downstream industries needs to be improved. 4. The tasks of implementing international conventions have increased. 5. Main chlor-alkali products often encounter trade barriers in exporting. At the same time, based on the analysis of the current policy environment, the conference predicted the operation trend in 2024. This launch conference has received widespread attention from both inside and outside the industry. More than 150 nodes of chlor-alkali industry chain related units participated in the launch conference, and many enterprises participated in the form of projectors in the conference rooms. After the meeting, the participants gave very positive feedbacks. CCAIA will continue to regularly publish the economic operation situation of the industry online and build a practical and efficient platform for industry information exchange.