The 2023 National PVC Technology Annual Conference Kicked off in Wuhai

 From November 23rd to 24th, the 2023 National PVC Technology Annual Conference kicked off in Wuhai, Inner Mongolia. Organized by CCAIA, the conference was attended by 229 representatives from PVC production enterprises, scientific research institutions and related equipment companies. While Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, presided over the conference, President Zhang Wenlei and Zhang Feixiong, President of the co-organizer Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Environment-Friendly Material Co., Ltd, delivered speeches respectively. Zhou Jun, the leader of CCAIA¡¯s PVC expert team and General Manager of Xinjiang Tianye Group, gave a keynote report on the progress and prospects of the application of new PVC technologies in the context of carbon emission dual control. Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, Li Qiong, Director of the Information Department, and Ning Xiaogang, Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Beiyuan, respectively gave special reports on "Analysis of Key Relevant Policies in China's PVC Industry", "Analysis of the Development Status and Downstream Market of Special/Special PVC in China", and "Reflections on the Production Status and Future Development of PVC". Heads of major manufacturers such as Tianjin Bohai Chemical, Qingdao Haiwan Chemcial, Inner Mongolia Junzheng, China Salt Inner Mongolia, Ordos Electric Metallurgy Group, Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical, and Tangshan Sanyou introduced their work progress and experiences in equipment technology innovation, energy conservation and carbon reduction, mercury free operation, intelligent upgrading, quality improvement, and safety and environmental protection. Representatives of Shuangxin Environmental, Mitsubishi Chemical, Xi'an Kaili, Linhai Shunyuan Machinery among other enterprises exchanged the latest achievements in additives, catalysts, and key equipment. Meanwhile, Professor Bao Yongzhong from Zhejiang University introduced the research progress in PVC synthesis and recycling. 49 papers were submitted during the conference, where the first, second, third, and excellent awards were selected with the winners commended. During the conference, a PVC expert team seminar was specifically held, where these experts analyzed the main issues in the industry's technical sector and further clarified the work focus and content of the team. At the same time, CCAIA organized an inspection visit to Inner Mongolia Shuangxin Environment-Friendly Material Co., Ltd.