CCAON held the 2023 annual work summary meeting

 On January 9, CCAIA organized 2023 Annual Work Summary Meeting and all the staff members attended the meeting at Tianjin and Beijing offices. The general secretary and president of the association, Zhang Wenlei, presided over the meeting. The deputy secretary-general, Zhu Jianping, Zhang Shoute and Zheng Jiebin summarized the work of the office, consulting department, information department and research department in 2023. The vice president and secretary-general of the association, Zhang Peichao and Zhang Xin summarized the key work in their respective areas of responsibility in 2023 and put forward plans for 2024. President Zhang Wenlei summarized the work of the association in 2023, analyzed the current situation of the industry, and put forward requirements for better work in 2024. He hoped that everyone would keep in mind the purpose of the association, firmly serve the national development strategy, promote the spirit of "craftsmen" and continuously improve the work quality, leverage internal and external capabilities and put more efforts to fill the capability gaps. At the same time, he emphasized that the association should further govern the party strictly and govern the association strictly, create a political ecology of integrity and create good atmosphere for entrepreneurship, and fully promote high-quality development of China's chlor-alkali industry.