2023 Chlor-alkali Industry Environmental Protection Annual Meeting Held in Changsha

 On May 25th, the 2023 chlor-alkali industry environmental protection annual meeting organized by CCAIA was held in Changsha, Hunan. More than 100 heads and experts from relevant competent departments, chlor-alkali production enterprises, research institutes, and relevant environmental protection equipment and technical service institutions attended the meeting. Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, and Zhang Shoute, its Vice Secretary General, respectively presided over the meeting. The President Zhang Wenlei provided an insight into the latest economic operation trends and priorities of chlor-alkali industry, and put forward requirements on how to further improve environmental protection in the industry. ZuoZhiyuan, the leader of the environmental protection expert group of CCAIA and the deputy general manager of Qingdao Haiwan Group, introduced the progress and development trend of key environmental protection work in the domestic chlor-alkali industry. Wu Gang, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Chemical Environmental Protection Association of China, elaborated on the "Evaluation Index System for Clean Production in the Soda and PVC Industries"; Zhu Xuemei, a researcher of the Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, introduced the management requirements and fulfillment of mercury-containing waste in the acetylene-based PVC industry. Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, conducted a systematic report on the impact of technological progress on the low-carbon, environmentally friendly and green development of the chlor-alkali industry. Shaanxi Beiyuan, Shandong Hengtong, and Xinjiang Zhongtai Chemical Fukang Energy respectively gave special experience introductions on the sophisticated treatment of VCM synthesis tail gas, environmental protection and emission reduction of chlor-alkali plants, and efficient application of low mercury catalysts. Ordos Power Metallurgical Group shared the process of mercury-free PVC project with a capacity of 400,000 tons/year; Sumitomo Chemical Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Design and Research, Intelligent Analysis Service Co.,Ltd, and China Chengda Engineering respectively gave special reports on catalytic oxidation of hydrogen chloride to produce chlorine technology, waste salt resource utilization, near-infrared spectroscopy analysis through online monitoring technology, and chlor-alkali project design innovation. The conference was rich in content, covering waste salt, waste acid resource utilization, mercury-free catalyst research and application, and difficulties and crunch questions in current environmental protection work in the industry. CCAIA would intensify its efforts to promote environmental protection, continuously and actively carry out work on further exchanges, policy research, standards formulation, and self-discipline reinforcement so as to advance the industry's environmental protection standards in a sustained manner.