The 2023 National Annual Conference of Caustic Soda Technology Kicked off in Hangzhou

 Organized by CCAIA, the 2023 National Annual Conference of Caustic Soda Technology kicked off in Hangzhou from July 27th to 28th, with over 430 representatives from chlor-alkali manufacturers, scientific research institutions, and related equipment service companies attending the conference. Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, and Zhang Shoute, Vice Secretary General, respectively presided over the meeting. President Zhang Wenlei, delivered a speech, systematically introducing the overall operation of the chlor-alkali industry in the first half of this year. He proposed the next focus of the industry in terms of promoting effective regulation of the overall scale of national industrial policies, alleviating the imbalance between alkali and chlorine, continuously improving energy conservation, safety and environmental protection, and effectively applying new energy, new materials, and chlor-alkali hydrogen energy. Ning Xiaogang, Chief Engineer of Shaanxi Beiyuan, gave a keynote report titled "Exploring the Path of Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction in the Caustic Soda Industry in the Context of Dual Carbon Policy. Gao Hong, Director of the Energy Conservation Management Department of the National Energy Conservation Center, gave a special report on "National Energy Conservation and Carbon Reduction Policies and Situation Analysis". Special report was made by Zhang Xin, Vice President of CCAIA, on "Research and Analysis of Key Policies in the Chlor-alkali Industry". Wang Li, Director of the Research Department of the Association, gave a special report on "Analysis of the Status Quo and Trends of Major Chlorine Products in China". Heads of major production enterprises such as Tianjin Bohai Chemical Development, Shanghai Chlor-Alkali, Zhejiang Juhua, Jiangsu Ruiheng, Wuhu Ronghui, and Tangshan Sanyou exchanged experiences in technology innovation of equipment, energy conservation and carbon reduction, and safety and environmental protection. Key equipment enterprises such as Shandong Dongyue, Bluestar (Beijing) Chemical Machinery, De Nora, Ancan, AsahiKASEI, and R2 have exchanged the latest progress in localized ion membranes, intelligent equipment and factories. Tianjin Bohai Chemical Engineering, Hangzhou Kerui, Nanjing Keyuan, Shanghai Ruichen, Shandong Quanyi Environmental Protection and Shandong Xihui Environmental Protection among other companies introduced the latest achievements in energy conservation, environmental protection and smart software of the industry. Wuxi Xunjie, Jiangsu Yimai, and Antonpa (Shanghai) introduced the latest applications of smart online testing equipment in the industry. After having received 87 papers, the conference organized experts to evaluate them, and commended the authors of the first, second, third, and excellent awards. At the same time, sub venues of major enterprises and their exhibition booths were opened for exchange.