China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association Attended the Online Seminar of Managing Board of the World Chlorine Council

 The seminar of the Managing Board of the World Chlorine Council (WCC) was held virtually on March 8th with participants including heads of the industrial organizations from theChlorine Institute, Euro Chlor, Clorosur, Alkali Manufacturers Association of Indiaand Japan Soda Industry Association. Zhang Peichao, Vice president and Secretary-General of China Chlor-Alkali Industry Association, and Wang Lili, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Working Committee, attended the meeting.During the meeting, a series of topics such as the safety conference, safety magazine, the latest information of international compliance and the website, magazines and public media currently operated by WCC were discussed at great length among the heads of the global security team, the global advocacy and science team as well as the global communication team. Mr. Frank, Executive Director of the WCC, exchanged ideas with the participants on the WCC work and budget of the year 2022 and preliminarily determined to hold the WCC Board of Directors Meeting in October.