Working rules of international cooperation working committee of China chlor-alkali industry association

Chapter I General Provisions

First In order to realize the exchange and cooperation between domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and foreign chlorine and alkali industries, the International Cooperation Working Committee (the Committee) is hereby established.
Second The committee is a branch of the association and shall abide by the rules and regulations of the association.
Third The Committee aims to abide by the constitution, laws, regulations and state policies, widely communicates domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan area) and abroad that engaged in chlor-alkali production of upstream and downstream enterprises and institutions, social organizations and institutions, and implement the national industrial policy, strengthen the enterprises at domestic and abroad exchanges, polymerization industry resources, improve the whole quality and level industry.

Chapter II Organization Structure

Fourth The Committee establishes one director and a number of deputy directors.
Fifth The members of this committee are composed of members of the association and relevant non-member units in the industry. They shall have a strong influence and appeal in the industry and be enthusiastic about the work of the committee.
Sixth To join the Committee, the following procedures are followed:
1. Submit the application form and relevant materials.
2. It has been examined and approved by the Committee.
3. Issue membership certificate.
Seventh The rights of members as below:
1. Free membership;
2. The right to vote, to stand for election and to vote on committees;
3. Participate in various activities organized by the Committee;
4.To be given priority in the services of the Committee, to participate in various research and exchange activities such as seminars and training organized by the Committee, to enjoy various research results, research reports and consulting services provided by the Committee, and to participate in various international economic exchange activities organized by the Committee;
5. Voluntary membership and free withdrawal.
Eighth The obligations of members as below:
1. Implement the decisions of the committee;
2. To protect the legitimate rights and interests of the committee;
3. Strictly guarding the Committee's confidential information.
Ninth After the member withdraws from the committee, the duties, rights and obligations in the committee shall terminate automatically.
Tenth In case of any change in the membership, the Committee shall amend the membership list in time.

Chapter III Business Scope and Principles of Activities

Eleventh The Committee's scope of business is as follows£º
1. Assist relevant government departments to study and formulate development strategies, plans and policies for international production capacity cooperation in the chlor-alkali industry, organize and carry out international economic and technological cooperation and industrial technical exchanges, actively expand exchanges and cooperation between chlor-alkali enterprises and the government, and play a bridge role.
2. Organize and build a platform for international economic cooperation and technical exchange, provide domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and foreign exchange opportunities, and provide domestic (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) and foreign field investigation, economic and trade negotiations, discussion and promotion services.
3. Organize an expert team of chlor-alkali industry to provide consulting, management, technology, evaluation, project docking, research report, information consultation, promotion services for members.
4. Understanding of the specific situation of member units in-depth, understand the needs of members, timely and efficient to assist members to solve problems.
5. Organize member units to participate in various activities of China Chlor-alkali Industry Association.
Twelfth Without the authorization of the legal representative of the association, no agreement or contract shall be signed. Where a dispute arises from the signing of a contract or agreement without authorization, the relevant person in charge shall bear the corresponding responsibilities.

Chapter IV Supplementary Provision

Thirteenth The interpretation of the rules belongs to this committee.
Fourteenth The working rules shall take effect from the date of approval by the association.